People. I see them, meet them and even talk to them.


Dehournalar diary… no no no… i’m a man, man has
no diary!! Lets call you a Journal of some sort. Manly journal? M-J? Mustachio Journal? Well what ever the M will stand for lets go for M-J for now i guess.


SKETCH83So for quite a while, like maybe the last 2 years maybe less, i have been trying to adjust my Grinch side. Like remember that one argument, quarrel… with the friend we, i mean I had in that spring and I realized I wasn’t really “nice”or a good person? Since then i have been thinking and trying to gradually tame or change my inner Grinch. I mean, i wasn’t evil, but the aspect of the character of wanting to stay alone and not to be bothered was a problem. I wasn’t nice…

I’ve changed? Well my friend said so after we talked some while back. So can i assume it’s a mini victory? A Win? Maybe. I have been meeting new people a lot, and i have been slowly trying to see if I can improve orfear me… hide some meaner side of my self. Anyway, so meeting new people here in Shanghai is different, though not by a LOT but still quite different. It also depends on how i approach them. Though… from what i have noticed, people don’t perceive me as a threat of any level, even girls… i’m like a bearded fluffy creature of friendliness to most people here, i think…. sigh (you remember cousin IT? from The Adams Family?)

I have been trying to put my self more out there. Going to places, events, meet ups where I can see a lot of people be it foreigners or Chinese. One place i started to go was salsa class! I have learned it a bit in past, so i thought i’ll start doing it again in SH. So I did.

Salsa! It’s a lot of fun, and for my surprise, a lot of guys come here too. At first I though I might meet more foreigners, but not really, just few show up for the beginner group. Maybe there are more in advanced class but I haven’t started those yet. Mostly it’s Chinese people which is understandable. I was really surprised about girl guy ratio. danceLooking at my experience from high school period and before, usually the ratio is way, way out of balance. Here a lot of guys are interested to learn. Still, there are more girls but it’s more balanced and everyone gets to learn and enjoy them self. I get to meet people there all the time. From uni’s or people who work, some younger or older, but the crowed is warm and full of desire to learn.


I have been going to meet ups as well, on different topics and events. The crowed can vary and depends on the occasion or the topic. Though often it’s quite chilled, relaxed. Opbirdsen and curious people, everyone wants to know everything and get to know each other. Like little bee’s, buzz buzz buzzzzzz around looking for the flower they want. Thus i’m forced to open up, talk and share. Which is fine now. But the past me in this situation might not be so happy. Ahh the past me, you were so cool, a lone wolf, a mystery! Now i’m like a little noisy bird jumping from one branch to another… or maybe not i don’t even know anymore.


People tend to disappear in a way as well. As quickly as they come into your life and exchange contacts, at the same speed they poof, disappear. I mean,everyone is busy with their lives so you can’t expect everyone to spend lots of time or invest tons of energy in each other. Though it makes all of this really dynamic and like a mini adventure. Cuz you don’t know when you will meet a new exciting character in your life.

I have observed people that are in my age group, well something like from 18 till 30. They are quite curious. Most people I meet, they want to know things about you. Exchange contacts, talk and meet and become friends. It’s slowly turning me into a really social creature. Though it’s tiring, I think it’s good for me in the long run. People like other people here. Or maybe i’m just likable thus I attract likables?

Also, my co-worker just gave me a dried “Dragon eye”!! You see it’s almost like we are best buds, other wise I can’t explain how he can give me something so valuable. Ou and what it is? Well it’s this interesting fruit. For me it reminds of a big grape when it comes to the taste. It’s a bit bigger than a BIG grape, and has a shell around it, that you pierce with your nail, take off, and then like a naked grape appears, that actually looks like an eye a bit is inside, and you nom nom it. This one was dried though. A giant raisin!


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In the 5th day of new year my wealth God came to me!.

The Chinese new year is almost over. I am born in the year of Horse so this should be my lucky year. I touched a dragon which i hope should bring more luck, and i saw a lion dance. Went to temples and gardens, and oh so much fireworks. So if i don’t get a million fall in my lap from the sky, i don’t know what else to do in order to increase my luck here.


A lot of firecrackers and fireworks. Starting on the 30th of January. During that day there were a lot of people shooting and blowing up something every 5 or 10 minutes. I’m curious about statistics, as in how much people spend money on this sort of thing. For the first part of the day until around 10’o clock in the evening it was a bit frustrating to hear all this noise. BUT!!! Then the midnight came around. People were shooting everything without stop. It was awesome! You feel this large energy take you over, because, just standing on the balcony you have a show on left and right. Unfortunately 5 minutes in the local show, and it was harder and harder to see because of the pollution and all the smoke. As i understand people can shoot fireworks for multiple reason. In order to scare away the bad spirits, or for good luck and health. Ou and it seems there is no worry about any sort of safety…

IMG_5770Decorations, decorations everywhere. Well maybe not everywhere. I haven’t walked much through the center. I visited some places, and they were beautiful! Like Yu Yuan Garden. So many beautiful lights and decorations. Though lots of people, sea of people. I think it’s something worth to see though. It does seem there aren’t that many random lights out in the city streets, it’s more localized in special areas ie. Yu Yuan garden. A lot of red color in many many things. I remember reading that this color can serve for multiple purposes. It can scare the bad mythical  beast Nian. The legend says that the villagers saw Nian being scared away by a little child wearing red. In general this color scares away bad luck. It’s considered a good luck color.

IMG_5891So on the 5th day of the new year, or as i was told by my Chinese friend on 5th lunar day, is the day of the Wealth God. Here i was, sitting home, enjoying my tea when i get a msg from my friend. And it goes a bit like this:

“Just so you know, tonight will be loud again, and in the morning too”


“It’s the day of Wealth God, and people will be shooting fireworks, a LOT”.

So it says on the internet that to attract the God, you must shoot fireworks. What my friend told me is that, the God will go to the loudest people. And the by old traditions, it has to be done early in the morning, when the God is waking up. You see where this is going right?

How early? well, from 5 am til 7 am. Sigh… Well, fireworks didn’t start in those hours alone, ou nooo. The first part, represented by less strict, maybe more lazy people, started a bit before midnight on 4th moon day. Well actually around 10 pm, then one wave at midnight, a mini wave in between 1 am and 2 am. So these people didn’t want to get up early in the morning, so they tried to wake up the God now, get his attention, and go to sleep. Then… then the traditional hour kicked in and fireworks early in the morning started. I can’t say who was the loudest, but somehow it seems they all won.


My most favorite and anticipated event was the Lion and Dragon performance. I don’t have a large group local friends, so my information gathering was limited, but i was able to find info i needed. It is a bit weird, somehow i wasn’t able to find any other places that would have this beautiful event, maybe i missed something, but maybe it’s not that common, or often? Anyway, there was a small performance at the center. So the Lions are operated by two people, and you don’t see the faces of the people who control them for most part.


The Dragon didn’t seem to have any special moves like the awesome lion dancers… You can see the people who control the dragon, since the dragon is on poles, and often is chasing another person who has a golden like ball on a pole. So overall it is a really acrobatic and amazing performance. The only thing i can complain is about it being short, only 15 minutes leaving me wanting MORE!


There is a lot to see. Temples and other places to visit, lots of decorations and people. I visited a Longhua temple on one of the last days. It was lovely. Nice calm atmosphere, monks praying and smiling around you. An interesting period. People say the most population leaves the city to see the relatives… i think they all are are visiting all the places worth seeing… a LOT of people.

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“This is China” or “China can!”.

I do read a lot of different things on the wast internet, exploring different topics, or just to kill some time. You can find lots of interesting things about China, or about Asia all over the place. There are stereotypes about all cultures, or phrases that go around, which are so to speak assigned to certain groups or areas. This one phrase in particular is heard rather often here.

Some time ago i was reading something, and came across a comment, explaining a phrase “This is China”. Supposedly the phrase originates from a movie about Africa,if i understood correctly, and was originally “This is Africa”? So the phrase, was used as it is used now in China, when you encounter something that may seem hm… Well, a lot of things here may seem to some people, how to say it? Not normal? Something you or someone from your home wouldn’t do, and thus it is characterized as unique, weird, funny etc. and putting a finishing touch to it, saying “This is China” as it happens mostly or only here. (I want to give a funny example, but nothing comes to mind, i guess i have been here too long?) Once you have stayed here for a while a lot of things start to become normal, you don’t really pay attention to it. On the other hand, when someone comes to visit, and you have to show them around, and they see all sort different things, the only thing you have left to say, “This is China.”


No need for safety line, when your climbing skills are as good as theirs.

It doesn’t mean it’s bad, actually i think it is rather fun, because  it is like a fresh look on something, often quite different. I had an old classmate come to Shanghai, and showing him around the place, i felt like tourist again. It’s nice to have someone around who is still surprised or shocked by the things around.

Some time ago me and my colleagues came across a new phrase, that i haven’t noticed on the internet, but more on daily bases, talking to some people. I work/intern as an architect, so i have observed that there are moments when things don’t really go as they should, or as they would back in EU. For example, something is being built, and you design something for it during construction, or other things similar to it. In result there was this phrase born in our office and slowly I started to notice it else where as well – “China can!”

I’m not sure how clients are in other industries in this country, but often they can be a bit hard to please or they are unreasonable etc. On the other hand, a lot of things happen way way faster. I have heard a conversations like this (i’m not part of it) :

A:”We need the construction drawings for this project, for the authorities. How much time do you need?”

B:”Mmm maybe a week, everyone is busy, i don’t have anyone to help me”

A:”A week? No! 2-3 days, easy, China can!” …

And a lot of moments like this, with different needs, demands and so on. It sort of reflects on other things as well. Something done over the top, to much? Why? Because “China can!” It is not even about overcoming some limits, it is more about, we can, we want, we think we need. And thus the rapid development. Back in my country it could take months just to get a permit for something. Often than not, here it is simply being done, and i kind a like it.

Although this phrase is more connected to building or project realization, it is something subtle that you can notice in a lot of areas. I think, when i’ll go back home or to another country, i might miss this aspect a bit, it does make things more interesting.


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It’s more about how you look at the things and people.

So as a foreigner abroad, you stand out. And in different places around the world, you are perceived differently, you can be welcomed or not. So what i have been asked few times, and i have read from other people on the internet, is “Do people look/stare at me/foreigner a lot?”

I think it’s normal to look at something, observe it, heck even stare with your eyes wide open and with jaw drooped down to your ankles. Maybe it can be a bit too much, and i like to think of my self as a sneaky observer… sounds like i’m a stalker… I try to smile always when these moments happen, i am a guest in this country for who knows how long and i try to be a positive creature lurking these streets at least on the outside…


Anyway, i realized that it is not how much or often people look at me, but how they look at me and how they react. First month or so i didn’t even notice it that much because i was paying attention to many things around me, the food, lights what people do etc. I had to remember which bus i need to take, and when to get out so i can get to work on my own if needed, and don’t rely on my co-workers. It was my room mate John who pointed out that i have been getting attention from people around me, especially girls. I didn’t notice, ignorant foreigner just rushing through and not paying attention, right? So as everything, well as I calmed down and “took my pink sunglasses off” i started to notice things.

Now in Shanghai there are a lot of foreigners, though the further out of the center you go, the less thus the reactions and stares can be a more often occurrence. There is also a difference in generations on how old people look at me and younger generations or well people of my age group (i’m 23).

The old people have often the biggest surprised expressions, especially if they notice me when i’m close by, like passing them, or buying something from a street vendor. A lot of times their look is with a big smile on their face, a warm smile. Honestly, and this might sound arrogant, it almost feels like i’m the sole reason why their day just got better, or at least for that moment, i like to believe that sometimes. Often then not a “Nihau!” follows or a “Hello!” once i’m close enough to them. Or grandmas encouraging their kids to say it to me as i go by. At the same time you get those looks that make you feel like an alien! I remember this one day i was at a bus stop waiting for a bus with a friend, and this old man was slowly passing by. I noticed his look when he was passing me in front of me, slightly off and our eyes meet. His expression was priceless, it was like he was looking at a creature from another planet. Eyes wide open looking at me, like when you look at something and you aren’t quite sure if what you are seeing is real or not. And though the look lasted maybe few seconds he averted his eyes with an expression suggesting that he had many questions suddenly arising. And then half second later his eyes returned, as if checking, if he truly saw what he saw moment ago, and yes i’m still there looking back at him with a smile on my face. Now, you might be thinking that there was something weird about me in that particular moment and i would say i was looking like i often do, well i hadn’t trimmed my beard for a while and my hair is getting longer, so maybe, just maybe he perceived me as a cousin “It” from the Adams family?

Addams-Family-Cousin-Itt-addams-family-5684028-356-288 (1)

These are the expressions you notice and they stand out, yes you notice the simple quick stare and look but those just fade away in your memory, and on street it’s like it newer happened, because you have other things on your mind as you rush by.

So the younger generation. Since i’m a guy, it does seem there is more reaction from girls, but in general the overall way how they react, guys and girls is quite similar in long run i guess. Now one thing i can also add from my experience and from what i can gather on reading on the internet, Chinese people can be quite direct and tell you something directly about you to you. So i have received comments from both genders about how good looking i am or how slim i am or tall (i’m actually only 180 cm) during my first month or so (now i eat more, so i guess i’m less…). It was rather odd, you don’t expect as a guy to get a comment like that from another guy. Of course it can seem flattering and it is. But you start questioning these things, since you, well I thought that they say that to like 99% of foreigners, so it was, and still is rather hard to take it seriously in a way. So I sort of pondered a bit, what are their standards really. Anyway in general it is a place to boost your confidence to be honest, you do feel special, and it sounds silly and what not, and it’s hilarious often as well, but hey, might as well enjoy it. Coming home, meeting a new room mate for the first time, who has a pic of me on his phone already from another co-worker who made it secretly and is saying to me i’m good looking, yea it can get funny…

So back to the main thing, girls when notice me, can point out quickly and giggle. Sometimes wave. It is a bit hard to say what the reactions are behind my back, but from what i remember on what John said or well teased me about, was that girls usually pass the info to their friends rather quickly and run off giggling. I was joking around with John about this, that i should start like having a pose or some small gesture to do to girls for fun, but of course i’m just all talk, no action. Also i am talking about the moments that stand out, and please don’t think that ALL girls are like that. Since i have been here for few months now, there are quite a few places already, where the staff recognizes me and i’m more like a pleasant regular customer and thus the reactions though positive are more normal. Also as a foreigner, you will be remembered easily.


Guys can have rather outstanding reaction to. I remember during my first month or two at the barber shop near my home people liked to get my attention a bit. People opened doors as i go by to say hi, smiling at me and waving. Not every day, sadly but from time to time until… i wasn’t special enough. Also i remember few looks that to some level were similar to the old man i mentioned before, a look of confused individual, that wasn’t sure what he saw as he rushed by me and had to look again to check if he truly saw what he saw. Also older men, i would guess around 40 are often quite happy to see me, and considering my last interesting event with chopsticks at the restaurant i have suspicions as to why…

Also i’m starting to make a conclusion that girls in this country may be a bit more hm… daring, if that is the right way to put it. Just few days ago, at a bakery i go now for a while one of the workers was really happy to see me. Now it is a bit hard to say if she is a regular staff that knew about me, but somehow i’m thinking she was a bit new, because this was a bit odd. So as i go to pay for my bread i picked up for my Nutella, i notice she is with her smartphone, and she quickly takes a picture of me, or at least tried to, which i assume failed because when she was done putting in the numbers in the machine she tried to take it “properly”. Now i wasn’t pretending like i wasn’t aware of it, i was, and i was looking at her and thought why not, smiled and stayed still for the shot. She puts down her phone, i give her money, and i point to the phone on the counter, to show me the pic, might as well see how handsome i look in it. Unfortunately, the in-built flash made a lower corner of the pic flash up, so the pic was bad. No problem! She quickly pushed her friend to help her out and this time take a proper pic with me together, i didn’t mind, so phone in her friends hands, click, click and the pic is done. Big thanks to me from her and i leave. This is a first time it has escalated to a picture taking, but i have newer herd of it happen with genders reversed. I assume it happens, but it seems girls have more courage to try to do this. It is weird and funny, most of the time when i remember moments like these i smile or laugh to my self maybe in small disbelief that it actually happened.


So in general, yes as a foreigner you stand out, but it’s not the simple look or stare that is of importance, but how they look at you and their reaction following that moment or during that moment. It’s nice to go down a street, and your eyes meet with an old lady and she has this wonderful smile on her face as you smile back to her.

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Amazing chopstick skills open new doors.

These last few working days have been rather slow. The sun is shinning brightly above the sky. The weather, although getting colder is quite nice. The trees around you slowly start to change color as well. Although it is a bit funny to see palm trees and the right next to them a tree who’s leafs are turning yellow or orange. Back at home most of the plants more or less change color at the same period. So as the world slowly yet steadily is going forwards, I’m sitting at my desk at the office wondering about the meaning of life, spending time on reddit or any other site with the feeling that time has stopped. There isn’t much work to do in the last few days…

Anyway, although it was a joke i told my friend, that launch is the most exciting part of the day, somehow it was true for this one particular launch we had the other day. From 12’o clock or 12.30ish we go out. I always prefer to go out if the weather is ok, sitting this much on my skinny but is tiring. I guess you could say we have an ok variety of restaurants around us, there is actually MC Donald’s opening too, one of my co-workers loves burgers, so good for her! Going out with co-workers for launch is a rather interesting process and sometimes tiring too. There were 7 of us me including. Two of my co-workers are Philippians (I’ll use “phili” for short onwards) and rest are Chinese. For some reason we chose to go to Taiwanese restaurant, they seem to like that place quite a lot lately besides one girl at the office, she thinks it’s “so so”. That is also a rather popular grade or evaluation to give to many things – so so. Sometimes it means it’s ok, and I’m not going to bother to do anything about it, but still won’t recognize that it’s good enough? Mmm can have variety of meanings. I am a bit tired of it, since we have been going to that place rather often, plus lots of people.

Personal space in china is a … hm… well it exists, but still a lot of places can be quite crowded. Now that i think about it, it reminds me of a busy ants nest, the closer you are to center/home (the center can be food/shopping/hang out place etc) the more life around you, the further away from it the less life around you, makes sence. The restaurant was busy, but not that bad, we were able to find 2 tables. 4 of us, me and my two phili co-workers with 1 Chinese representative at one table, rest at the next one besides the wall. We are more or less in middle, thus the table is accessible from all 4 sides. I’m on 1 side, with my Chinese colleague on left, right side free, and front the two phili’s.

One of the waiters hands us the menus, which are in Chinese. I sometimes find it funny, i don’t read Chinese, i do have memorized some foods, based on location, price etc, so i can actually order something even on my own if needed. So i order, as everyone else, but even though i was clear on my order, there is still confusion and lots of questions. In general food is prepared rather quickly in most places with some exceptions, and as far as i have observed, Chinese want their food rather quickly. I understand it, but at the same time, you need to invest time, to prepare a good meal. Maybe they are impatient? Now that i think about… anyway…


I finally get my food and a second later the other com-padres too. So, I have been complimented on my amazing chopsticks skills before. The first time i was taken out for launch on my first day here, the driver said i’m quite good for a foreigner. Then i have been complimented on several occasions from my colleagues and other people. I have noticed that depending on what shape or length or thickens the chopsticks are, the usage can be easy or tricky. The compliment can sometimes trigger a thought though, what do they imagine, if they say I’m good? Like, what is the bench mark, or what is good or bad, what are they basing their evaluation on, what horrors have they seen… ? Do they think we have newer encountered this tool? hm… So as i wonder of in my little world and think about these questions, people keep on going with their usual stuff to do.Grandma-and-chop-sticks

Today was a bit different, maybe i have reached a new level of chopsticknes, or i accidentally did a gesture without knowing, that made me stood out. As we were sitting and enjoying our launch, the boss of restaurant comes by. Now since we eat there rather often, some staff already recognize me, as well i guess the boss. Mmm… most of the time it just means i get big smiles, comments about something, sometimes i can decode what they are saying because they are using hand gestures as well. Like this one time, i hadn’t trimmed my beard for more than a week, so i stood out even more, and i was complimented on my beard by one of the waiters who often serves us. This time i had nicely trimmed beard and i think i looked nice, not like a hairy beast. So the boss comes by starts a conversation with our Chinese co-worker and i quickly understand that i have been complimented on my chopstick skills. Well since i am already used to this by now, and i am recognized by my amazing skills, i don’t really pay much attention and keep on munching down my food. Normally the conversations don’t go much further with maybe few extra phrases, but somehow this wasn’t the case.

The conversation continues! I don’t pay much attention, with the few words i know I’m just better off to stay in my little world, pondering on the questions, posed before. Somehow the boss seems rather talkative. They talk, laugh, and somehow i notice the giggles are towards me. Well at this point i get a bit more curious, as i look at my colleague to find out what’s up, he mentions that it was asked if i have a girlfriend. Well, i don’t give an answer, i just smile, laugh and keep on eating. I like to keep some secrets about me. So they talk some more, and i just see, everyone starts to have these big smiles when they look at me. At this point we are about to be done with the food so conversation sort of slows down. And i as i find out, there of-course was a reason behind previously posed question. Apparently the boss was interested to introduce me to someone. I was asked again if i have a girlfriend back home, to which i replied. Well, we were leaving now, so as everyone was smiling and laughing we left. So here i was, for big part of launch, munching down my launch, pondering about different questions while my co-workers and the boss of restaurant try to set me up with a date which potentially was initiated by my amazing chopstick skills.


Apparently some every day life skills can create an interesting situations, open new doors and give you something to think about 🙂

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All the shiny and glossy, rowdy and busy..

I still have so much to explore, and to observe, but i do want to talk about something that i have noticed, from the little observation i have made over the time. There are quite a lot of new and shiny cars. And even if you go out of the center still quite a lot of new cars. I guess there is really big lack of this average step. I do realize there are average cars, but most likely they are somewhere more outwards maybe in lower tier city’s. Here it’s either a new car or moped or bike or some other 2 wheel ride. Anyway it has been explained to me, that the cars are there for the image. Everyone wants to look, well that they are more that they seem to be. Also, hence the car washes on every corner. So people strive to create this image about them self, which is fine, everyone, everywhere does it one way or another. In the center besides the flashy or new cars you always have stores with great showcase exhibits or other elements that drag you in, lights and so on.


As you move out of the center, you still get the new cars, but the outside of the buildings kinda drops. I noticed this contradiction quite a lot lately, an old sad shop, with a new shiny car in front of it as the owner goes in. It simply makes me laugh a bit, because the image is focused just on one thing. I don’t want to mislead you by saying that once you get out of the center it goes really bad, but there are these silly details in peoples every day lives that stand out. Windows of a store that get washed once every few months, or some other part of the place lacks in maintenance. It seems sometimes comical, that the idea of an image does not involve your work place, but just your car or maybe sometimes something else.

Another thing i have noticed, there are a lot of stores or other service providing shops of the same purpose in one location. Just recently where i live, on this one street we had this average size barber shop on one side, a bit further another, then there is real estate point over there and another one a bit further down. And 2 new stores opened up, guess what kind of ones? Yup, barber shop and real estate agency. You would assume that you would need to put some thought into to this, as to where i’m going to place my store, what about competitors, well not here. Same goes also for restaurants and small Chinese eating spots. Of course, unlike many other country’s like where i come from, here they have the population to support these 5 eating spots in one block. I guess when you have so many potential customers you don’t really think about these things. Also it gives me way more choices as to where to go to have launch, so yay for me!!

Also in a regular restaurant you have quite a LOT of waiters. I do find that all the buzz in such places is quite interesting, though sometimes exhausting, it takes quite some time to get something ordered even with my Chinese co-workers, well actually it takes more time with them, then on my own with my other non-Chinese co-workers. It does seem that in these more average areas, whether it is a barber shop, restaurant or other places it’s quite normal to have way more staff on the ground. Though somehow it does not make things go faster… Also waiters here are more hm.. how do you say it, well in EU as far as i have experienced waiters are ninjas, they appear when you need them, they go poof once they are done, and leave you be. Here somehow waiters presence is always noticeable, that doesn’t mean you can get a hold of them if the restaurant is busy, which is understandable, but somehow waiters are bigger, louder, closer part of the whole process.


Also they forgot to bring my rice today…

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Secrets of eternal youth in China.

   Back in Europe i have heard from time to time a phrase, that Asians look quite similar, or the same. Also being here I even heard that they sometime have it hard time to tell who is from China or Japan. Though i understand the general idea i guess, i actually was more surprised about the age of everyone, once i got around to know them.


Me and my brother were always told that we look the same, that we are similar, and as a kid i didn’t really like it much, it’s nothing big really. I think though maybe, that made me always observe people and learn differences, i can’t say i’m amazing at it but i wouldn’t say people here look all the same. What you might find interesting though, is the actual age from the “looking” age if i can put it that way.I have had problems telling how old people are in EU sometimes, especially now seeing how even younger generations dress or behave, but not to the extent like in Asia, also in EU it’s the other way around, people seem older not younger. Anyway here people look a LOT younger. Co-workers who look close to my age, i am 23, are sometimes above 25 often above 30. My boss, who looks somewhere in between 35 and 40 is above 50 if i remember correctly. I have been here for a small amount of time, so I can’t say how well this apply’s through out the city or country, but people really do look younger. Currently in my office there is one guy who is 21, thus younger than me, one girl, my age, rest, are above 25. So on the outside everyone pretty much seems in my age group, well more or less. And i think this is one of the reasons why i feel like i’m part of the group, though they are really friendly as well. Though when it comes to skill and experience i do realize i am that little bird and i find that i can learn a lot from them.. Anyway, it’s kind of interesting, i don’t know if it’s genetics or something that people do in their life’s that lets this be in the way it is. So far as i have observed people seem younger sometimes a LOT younger than they actually are. Maybe it’s something that they do when they are kids or food related, kids are quite energetic, but then again most of them are.


Some time ago we had a launch with most of the co-workers and our boss and we were talking about different characteristics that food has in different areas around China. Also he talked about spicy hot foods. As he explained briefly, that spicy foods are good for your skin and thus people tend to look younger. Well we didn’t really dive into this topic, it was a small thing that came up during our launch. But hey though i haven’t read any scientific articles about spicy hot food effects on human skin, who knows maybe they are onto something, but maybe i’m just imagining things.


Also, something that i observed as i was going to work by the bus. It seems that the old people look, well healthier and more agile. They have their gatherings at evenings and dance and the move quite a lot etc. Somehow i didn’t really notice that back at home or other places i have been to.

Ou and Pants.


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